Gaming is a serious business and where there is an audience demanding new releases, you can be sure there are developers and designers working on creating the next addictive offering. However, creating a new game is no simple task and will require the work of a team. Whether you need the skillset of game designers or story writers to complement your own talents, Thoril is the platform to meet a team and create something amazing. We spoke to Thoril co-founder Petar to find out more.

Describe your business for those who have never heard of Thoril.

“Thoril is a place where game makers gather, connect, form teams and get valuable feedback on their game ideas.” As Petar explained, in order to make a complete video game you need a team with complementary skillsets, so whether you need programmers, game designers, sound designers or artists, Thoril is the place to find them.

We asked Petar to describe how Thoril works, “If you are a game maker and you have an idea for a game or an ongoing project that needs more people, you can post it on Thoril with a brief synopsis and specify how many teammates you need and what skills they are required to have.” With this, other Thoril users can then view your project and provide feedback or apply to be a part of your project.

The initial idea for Thoril was generated during September 2014 and as Petar divulged things starting moving quickly after this. “In October our team got accepted into ICTHub, a startup incubator where we started working and expanding our ideas. Finally we launched Thoril in the end of December.”

What’s the hardest thing about starting a business?

Petar explained that the hardest part so far was the very start and a huge challenge was, “finding the people that share the same vision, energy and have enough courage to try something new.” In addition, “getting into that startup mind-set where you need to move fast and be ready to take many different roles” has been challenging. As Petar put it, in one day your role can change from programmer to sales person to marketing.

We already know when the idea was created, but we wanted to find out where the concept from Thoril came from. “We are four friends, game enthusiasts and hardcore gamers and we are very passionate about the whole game industry” Petar informed us. “The initial idea before Thoril was to make a physical co-working game hub, where professionals, hobbyists and everyone who wants to learn about game development can come and participate in different projects.” After this idea, Petar and his co-founders decided to put this concept online and so Thoril was born.

What’s been the best moment so far?

Working with game developers is really great, so we are having fun all the time.” Part of the core work for the Thoril team involves visiting game jams, indie showcases and playing new video games. As Petar put it, “What else could you ask for?”

Next, we asked Petar what advice he would give to someone else looking to start a new business. “Start early, and build your MVP (minimal viable product) fast. Don’t get all fancy with all the different features in the beginning, just build something that solves your customers’ problem and put it out on the market as fast as you can.” Speaking from experience, Petar added “know and focus on the core of your product” as once this is ready, you can then dedicate your efforts to improving and advancing your product.

With this advice in place, we asked Petar if there is anything he would do differently if he could go back in time, unsurprisingly, Petar’s response links to his own advice. “We spent too much time planning and implementing some advanced features, before we even had the core of our application. Then, one day we noticed that we were not moving anywhere and we decided to leave all that for the future and focus on our core which is connecting game makers.”

Finally, we wanted to find out what’s in store for Thoril, “we are working on some improvements like project reviews, on-site chat, and many other features” peter explained. “The next step will be gamification of the whole application.” By this, Petar means to ensure that users are playing a game whilst making a game. “That includes; factions, classes, talent trees with your skillset, quests and online events like game jams.”

Regardless of the fact that Thoril is a serious business, it’s great to see that such passion has evolved into a startup dedicated to protecting the future of the Thoril co-founder’s own true love; gaming.

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