Raise Your Flag

For many people the plan to finish high school, graduate from college and embark upon the perfect career is common. However, for a variety of reasons not everybody is willing or able to follow this traditional route into employment. With that in mind, the first assumption we might make is that without a degree all hopes of an interesting, engaging and rewarding career are extinguished. Thankfully, Raise Your Flag are here to prove why that thought is completely wrong.

What is Raise Your Flag?

“Raise Your Flag connects the young people who aren’t going to college to meaningful career paths, industry training and companies who want to hire them” Ryan Porter of Raise Your Flag explained. With issues surrounding youth unemployment rife across the globe today, any enterprise which seeks to combat the frequently documented rate of unemployment is both admirable and greatly needed.

Although the company was formed back in 2012, Ryan explained that the current version of the website was only launched in May 2014. As you will see from the new site, it’s incredibly simple to navigate and looks fantastic in the process.

What’s the best thing about having your own business?

With an admirable cause and a sleek website, we asked Ryan to talk about the coolest part of having your own business. “I think that far too often we try to make ‘entrepreneurship’ seem sexy or somehow better than working for someone else” Ryan highlighted, before elaborating a little more about what owning part of a business meant for him. “I love the fact that there are a million things to be done at any given time. I don’t get a chance to find a routine in terms of tasks and duties. It’s constantly changing, evolving and becoming more challenging.”

Considering this fast paced constant state of flux, we asked Ryan about the most satisfying moment so far, unsurprisingly, Ryan’s response was focused on the constant change he already mentioned. For Ryan, the best part was, “scrapping a previous version of our platform for one that my co-founder, Scott and I felt more excited about.”

Where did the idea for Raise Your Flag come from?

Although we may understand the need for a business like Raise Your Flag, we wanted to hear from Ryan where the initial inspiration came from to create a project like this. “During one of my speaking tours, I met a student who told me how embarrassed he was because his friends were going to university and he ‘was sitting in the corner like a loser who didn’t know what he was doing in life’.” Ryan described that following this meeting, he knew he had to do something, “I knew I had to help him feel excited about the possibilities for him and the millions just like him.”

What one question should every budding entrepreneur ask themselves?

What’s clear from Ryan is that regardless of an admirable intention, starting and running a business like this is not easy work and it presents its own unique challenges. With this in mind we asked Ryan which one question you should ask yourself if you’re thinking of starting your own business. Ryan’s response was both honest and enlightening, “Do you really want this?”

“Entrepreneurship isn’t a cupcake that you can just lick the icing off and put back on the plate, you have to eat to the whole thing. And that’s hard. Day in day out, you’re putting a piece of you into a business and every time something happens to that business, it’s happening to you. You will feel it. It will bring you pain, joy, laughter, sadness, stress and also the most satisfaction you could imagine.”

“Do you really want this?”

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